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LGBTQI Training 2019.docxLGBTQI Training 2019Other
Award_Nom_Spec Event.pdfAward_Nom_Spec EventJDCAP
Award_Nom_Ongoing Prog.pdfAward_Nom_Ongoing ProgJDCAP
2018 JDCAP Presenter form.pdf2018 JDCAP Presenter formJDCAP
Staff Person - Sean Lazarus.pdfStaff Person - Sean LazarusConference
Rookie of the Year - Takeira Simon.pdfRookie of the Year - Takeira SimonConference
Rookie of the Year - Monica Black.pdfRookie of the Year - Monica BlackConference
Educator - Chris Murdoch.pdfEducator - Chris MurdochConference
Volunteer - Will Keifer - Winning Nomination.pdfVolunteer - Will Keifer - Winning NominationConference
Volunteer - Pamela Martin.pdfVolunteer - Pamela MartinConference
Volunteer - Lucy Weaver.pdfVolunteer - Lucy WeaverConference
Staff Person - Walter Whack.pdfStaff Person - Walter WhackConference
Staff Person - Rhonda Johnson.pdfStaff Person - Rhonda JohnsonConference
Staff Person - Gabe Pepper.pdfStaff Person - Gabe PepperConference
Staff Person - Dave Sucke - Winning Nomination.pdfStaff Person - Dave Sucke - Winning NominationConference
Staff Person - Anthony DeThomas.pdfStaff Person - Anthony DeThomasConference
Staff Person - Annette Strausbaugh.pdfStaff Person - Annette StrausbaughConference
Special Event - LCYIC - Winning Nomination.pdfSpecial Event - LCYIC - Winning NominationConference
Special Event - Bucks County Youth Center.pdfSpecial Event - Bucks County Youth CenterConference
Rookie of Year - Nikki Wilkerson.pdfRookie of Year - Nikki WilkersonConference
Rookie of Year - Jaylen Coleman.pdfRookie of Year - Jaylen ColemanConference
Rookie of the Year - Avery Barnes - Winning Nomination.pdfRookie of the Year - Avery Barnes - Winning NominationConference
Program of the Year -- Lancaster - Winning Nomination.pdfProgram of the Year -- Lancaster - Winning NominationConference
Individual Within the Field - Tracey Blundi.pdfIndividual Within the Field - Tracey BlundiConference
Individual Within the Field - Robert Ross.pdfIndividual Within the Field - Robert RossConference
Individual Within the Field - Clifford Smith - Winning Nomination.pdfIndividual Within the Field - Clifford Smith - Winning NominationConference
Educator - Samantha Hepler - Winning Nomination.pdfEducator - Samantha Hepler - Winning NominationConference
Educator - Brian Unfried.pdfEducator - Brian UnfriedConference
Bucks County Youth Center.pdfBucks County Youth CenterFacility Profiles
Edmund L Thomas Adolescent Center.pdfEdmund L Thomas Adolescent CenterFacility Profiles
Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center Info.pdfLancaster County Youth Intervention Center InfoFacility Profiles
Montgomery County Youth Center.pdfMontgomery County Youth CenterFacility Profiles
Westmoreland.pdfWestmorelandFacility Profiles
Standards Governing the Use of Detention Alternatives.pdfStandards Governing the Use of Detention AlternativesJCJC
DPW Strategies and Practices to Eliminate the Use of Unnecessary Restraints.pdfDPW Strategies and Practices to Eliminate the Use of Unnecessary RestraintsDPW
K2 Synthetic Cannabinoids.pdfK2 Synthetic CannabinoidsResources
Ivory Wave.pdfIvory WaveResources
Improving Effectiveness JJ Program 2010.pdfImproving Effectiveness JJ Program 2010Resources
Proposed Juvenile Decertification Rules 201011.pdfProposed Juvenile Decertification Rules 201011Other
NCTSN Recommendations for JJ programs and Trauma.pdfNCTSN Recommendations for JJ programs and TraumaJDCAP
Mandate Form 2011x.pdfMandate Form 2011xCCAP
House Leadership 2011.pdfHouse Leadership 2011CCAP
H1N1 Letter 200910.pdfH1N1 Letter 200910DPW
Juvenile Courts Rule 201009.pdfJuvenile Courts Rule 201009DPW
Call For Presentations 2011.pdfCall For Presentations 2011JDCAP
Approved By Laws 20100610.pdfApproved By Laws 20100610JDCAP
Zogby Letter 201101.pdfZogby Letter 201101DPW
Termination Of Parental Rights 2011.pdfTermination Of Parental Rights 2011DPW
Proposed Rule Change 201009.pdfProposed Rule Change 201009DPW
PLC Bulletin D Rev11.10.pdfPLC Bulletin D Rev11.10DPW
PLC Bulletin Attachment C.pdfPLC Bulletin Attachment CDPW
PLC Bulletin Attachment B.pdfPLC Bulletin Attachment BDPW
PLC Bulletin Attachment A.pdfPLC Bulletin Attachment ADPW
Phila Pregnancy Policy.pdfPhila Pregnancy PolicyDPW
Permanent Legal Custodian Policy.pdfPermanent Legal Custodian PolicyDPW
Medical Provider Letter 20100913.pdfMedical Provider Letter 20100913DPW
LGBTQI Bulletin Rev 201011.pdfLGBTQI Bulletin Rev 201011DPW
LGBTQ Guidlines Rev 201011.pdfLGBTQ Guidlines Rev 201011DPW
LGBTQ Bulletin No-Dis201008.pdfLGBTQ Bulletin No-Dis201008DPW
LGBTQ Bulletin Guidelines 201008.pdfLGBTQ Bulletin Guidelines 201008DPW
Proposed Criminal Rule Modification 201011.pdfProposed Criminal Rule Modification 201011Other
NPJS Call For Presentation 2011.pdfNPJS Call For Presentation 2011Other
MH Needs of Children 2010.pdfMH Needs of Children 2010Other
Medicaid Expansion.pdfMedicaid ExpansionOther
Indoor Clean Air Act.pdfIndoor Clean Air ActOther
House Resolution 926.pdfHouse Resolution 926Other
House Bill 1384.pdfHouse Bill 1384Other
Court Order Sample Act 96.pdfCourt Order Sample Act 96Other
Bulletin Out Of Home Placement Final.pdfBulletin Out Of Home Placement FinalOther
Budget Message Final 20100930.pdfBudget Message Final 20100930Other
SOC and MI Connection.pdfSOC and MI ConnectionMotivational Interviewing
Probation Supervision Self Assessment Form.pdfProbation Supervision Self Assessment FormMotivational Interviewing
OARS Tracking Record.pdfOARS Tracking RecordMotivational Interviewing
MI Skills Reminder Poster PO Version.pdfMI Skills Reminder Poster PO VersionMotivational Interviewing
MI Development Plan.pdfMI Development PlanMotivational Interviewing
MI Booster Tools For JJ Probation 1.pdfMI Booster Tools For JJ Probation 1Motivational Interviewing
Intro To MIPOs 201010.pdfIntro To MIPOs 201010Motivational Interviewing
General Guide MI Implementation In PO.pdfGeneral Guide MI Implementation In POMotivational Interviewing
Symposium On Mental Health Testimony.pdfSymposium On Mental Health TestimonyJDCAP
Resolutions JDAI 2010.pdfResolutions JDAI 2010JDCAP
JDCAP TransitionDoc 2010.pdfJDCAP TransitionDoc 2010JDCAP
JDCAP Role Of Pediatrician.pdfJDCAP Role Of PediatricianJDCAP
JDCAP Platform 2013.pdfJDCAP Platform 2013JDCAP
JDCAP Med Home Exiting Detention.pdfJDCAP Med Home Exiting DetentionJDCAP
JDCAP Health Status Youth Detention.pdfJDCAP Health Status Youth DetentionJDCAP
Uninterrupted Scholars Ac tPL112-278.pdfUninterrupted Scholars Ac tPL112-278Education
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