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Mission Statement
The Pennsylvania Partnership for Juvenile Services is a professional organization dedicated to supporting its members by: promoting sound policies, advancing best practice standards, and maintaining a continuous learning environment within the juvenile justice system. 
Vision Statement
To be leaders in the Juvenile Justice System through the pursuit of excellence.

Wayne R. Bear, MSW
Executive Director
Phone: (717) 736-4717

Wayne Bear is the Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Partnership for Juvenile Services (PPJS).  Wayne also represents PPJS and CCAP as a registered lobbyist.  He is responsible for maintaining current on juvenile justice issues, including issues related to juvenile courts.  In this role, Wayne provides guidance and support to CCAP primarily through the Human Services Committee of the association.   Wayne acts as the staff contact for the committees within PPJS focusing on public policy and legislation, training, and information systems.  

Wayne has over 27 years experience having worked as a front line detention staff, juvenile probation officer, as well as having 14+ years in juvenile residential program management.  In addition, Wayne has several years experience as a licensed social worker, having provided individual and family therapy in an outpatient setting.
Lori Lawyer
Information Systems Administrator
Phone: (717) 736-4712
To provide support and technical assistance to PPJS; member facilities and counties, as necessary, to improve the quality of information collection, interpretation and dissemination; and to provide support to general PPJS operation.

An Affiliate of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania

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